Rayin Rice Mill Company Limited is engaged and specialized in rice business for more than 5 decades by generation to generation. In the early period of the business, the main business activity was to polish and produce a variety of quality rice .
    When the time was passed with the development in human social, the consumer behavior was changed. The packing form also needed to be adjusted from the normal sacks and bulk bag to the standard plastic bag of 5 kg, 10 kg which became the popularity among the Sri Lankan consumer.

    We are producing quality Rice using new technology like Paddy Cleaner, Stoner, Husker and Paddy seperator etc.So consumers can buy our products without thinking twice.because RAYIN is the best Rice manufacturer.

    Our company, as one of the leaders of rice processing project, are always thinking about how to supply the best rice processing method. Out staff, in the best interest of our clients, are always trying to find individual solutions for customers, to improve productivity and quality thereby improving profits.